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This platform is designed to enable researchers to discuss the results of work on ESS-2020 conference materials.

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Below are sections of the conference, in each of which you can find the material you are interested in. You are welcome to leave comments on presentations and take part in the discussion of research results.


Greetings from the Honorary Chairs to participants and guests of the 2019 IEEE 7th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENERGY SMART SYSTEMS

Welcome speech from the Organizing Committee General Chairperson to participants and guests of the 2020 IEEE 7th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENERGY SMART SYSTEMS



[spoiler title=’SECTION 1. SMART ENERGY POWER AND ENERGY ENGINEERING’] Section Chair: Petro Lezhniuk Welcome Letter #4 Estimation of Discharge Current Sharing Between Surge Arresters with Different Protective Characteristics Connected in Parallel #7 Combined voltage control system of series single-phase filter-compensating device #15 Corona Discharge Power Losses Measurement Systems in High- and Extra-High Voltage Transmissions Lines #20 Electromechanical Equipment for Integrated Use of Power Potential of Hydroelectric Power Plant Reservoirs #48 Increased controllability of the distributed traction system in emergency mode #49 Amplitude-Frequency Characteristic of Broadband Voltage Divider with Ultimate Adjustment of Its Low-Voltage Arm #62 Extension of the Operating Time of High-speed Turbines of Nuclear Power Plants #63 Investigation of the Hydraulic Pressure Stabilization Accuracy in the Conditions of Water Supply Cascade Pump System Operation #72 Informational and Analytical System for Diagnostics of the Electric Power Equipment Condition #75 Compensation of Current Harmonics by means of Multiple Generation System with Doubly-Fed Induction Generators #82 Application FACTS for Increasing Efficiency of Bulk Electrical Power Systems #83 Selective estimation of three-phase mains current for shunt active power filter #85 Investigation of the electromagnetic effect of asynchronous motor toothed harmonics on the operating mode of power supply systems #94 Parameters Optimization and Model Fitting of Thermal Models of Air-cooled Hydrogenerator #100 Power Transmission Mode 750 kV Optimization #104 Maintaining electricity production through a comprehensive approach to service life extension of steam turbines #109 Single and Three -Phase PWM AC/AC Converters as Semiconductor Transformers #119 Framework for Real-Time Simulations of Hardware in the Loop applied to Primary Frequency Control #120 Optimal settings of Fast Active Power Controllers: Nordic Case [/spoiler] [spoiler title=’SECTION 2: RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS AND DISTRIBUTED GENERATION’] Section Chair: Popov, Vladimir Welcome Letter #29 The Three-Point Probability Density Function Approximation of the Stochastic Parameter Applicable for Technical and Economic Modeling of Renewable Sources #38 Optimal Distribution Networks Sectionalizing to Comply Smart Grid Concept #54 Multi-criteria quality evaluation of energy storage devices for rolling stock using Harrington’s desirability function #67 Increasing Energy Efficiency of Charge Circuits of Supercapacitors from Voltage Source #68 Efficient Modeling of Six-Phase Synchronous Machines for Simulations of Renewable Energy Generation Systems #71 Modeling Power Flow within a Microgrid for Energy Storage Sizing #76 Control and Monitoring of Power Transmission Lines Condition over Wide Area with the Help of UAVs #90 Energy Efficiency Analyses in Polygeneration Microgrids with Renewable Sources #91 Methods of Automated Full-scale Measurement of Wave Parameters in Water Reservoirs of Pumped Storage Power Plants #99 Information Support for the Task of Estimation the Quality of Functioning of the Electricity Distribution Power Grids with Renewable Energy Source #110 ANTICIPATORY CONTROL OF TRANSIT POWER FLOWS FROM THE RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES IN ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEM #114 Researching Approaches in the Simulation of Wind Power Plants with a PMSG #115 Analysis instability generation of non-guaranteed power plants of renewable energy sources #117- Analysis of the energy balance of the local energy supply system based on the bioenergy complex #121 A Coordinated Recloser-Fusesaver Method for Reliability Enhancement of Distribution Networks #122 Assessment of electricity consumption level influence at system loses [/spoiler] [spoiler title=’SECTION 3: SMART CITIES AND BUILDINGS’] Section Chair: Basok, Boris Welcome Letter #1 Implementation of General Under-frequency Load Shedding Scheme in European Network: challenges and opportunities #3 Fault location method development at lines with trilateral feed #10 Evaluation of differentiated impact of apartment building occupants’ behavior on energy consumption #19 Low-Cost Online Uninterruptible Power Supply with Input PFC and Wide Input Voltage Ran #21 Autonomous electric power source energy efficiency improvement by internal combustion engine gases distribution control #30 Optimisation features of energy processes in energy systems with Distributed Generation #31 Reliability assessment in local power systems with renewables #36 Optimal Placement and Sizing Sources of Distributed Generation Considering Information Uncertainty #46 The Impact of Energy-Efficient Heating Modes on Human Body Exergy Consumption in Public Buildings #57 Increasing the Efficiency of Electric Vehicle Drives with Supercapacitors in Power Supply #59 Sizing energy storage for a wind farm powering partly independent housing estate #61 Assessment of electricity generation cost from landfill gas #69 Smart geothermal ventilation system #73 Optimal composition of alternative energy sources to minimize power losses and maximize profits in distribution power network #88 Implementation of Sustainable Urban Development Through Project Management [/spoiler] [spoiler title=’SECTION 4: SMART INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS AND CONSUMERS’] Section Chair: Strzelecki, Ryszard Welcome Letter #8 Investigation of distribution a harmonic power in three phase transformer at idling mode #12 Comprehensive Study Of Cascade Multilevel Inverters with Three-Level Cells #25 Approximation of Magnetizing Inductance Curve of Self-exited Induction Generator for Investigation of Steady-state Operation Modes #35 ALGORITHMS DESIGN FOR FUZZY CONTROLLING OF POWER STREAMS IN CONDITIONS OF UNDERGROUND EXTRACTION OF IRON ORE #45 Asymmetric power supply circuit design for electric rolling stock on the electrified DC rail #51 Speed control system of SPMSM drives with field weakening on base the concept of inverse problems of dynamics #52 Robust control of hybrid excited synchronous machine #66 Mathematical Modeling of Electric Current Distribution in Water Trees Branches in XLPE Power Cables Insulation #77 Inductances determination of the interior permanent magnet synchronous motors considering saturation #78 The criterion for determining the buffering time of the measuring channel for smoothing the variable changes of the sensor signal #86 Considering the application of wavelet transform in experiments studying the vibration effect on the operation of digital temperature sensors in intelligent software at NPP #89 Dynamic Characteristics of Zero-Current-Switching Quasi-Resonant Boost Converter under Variation of Resonant Circuit and Load Parameters #93 Improving Wear Assessment Method of Inductor Thermal Insulation of Channel Furnaces for Ultra-Pure Copper Melting #96 ALGORITHM OF SYNTHESIZING ENERGY EFFECTIVE POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM OF INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES #97 Effect of The Types of Drive Systems of Drilling Rigs on The Rock Breaking Dynamics #98 Research of electromagnetic parameters of complex electromechanical system under hardly varying loads #106 Mathematical model of electromechanical compression system #116 JT65A Software Defined Demodulation using Convolutional Neural Network [/spoiler] [spoiler title=’SECTION 5: POLICIES, MARKETS AND CHALLENGES’] Section Chair: Blinov, Igor Welcome Letter #2 Quasi-stationary Modeling of Unregulated Electric Power System Components #13 Control of the energy performance of production facilities #14 Modelling of market equilibrium on the basis of Smart Grid market system #34 Risk assessment for the workers of electrical engineering industry #40 MOTIVATING CONTROL SYSTEM OF ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION #42 Assessment of the potential electricity demand aggregation in the market of Ukraine #80 Ukraine’s generating capacities development keeping a large share of baseload NPPs and variable renewable generation using the Mixed Integer Linear Programming technique #87 Identification methods for smart grid management #92 The Role of Hydropower Simulation in Smart Energy Systems #101 Istallation of Energy-Saving Technologies in the context of Improvement of the Financial Condition of Mining Enterprises #103 Simulation model of the photovoltaic system with a storage battery for a local object connected to a grid with multi-zone tariffication #108 Penetration of renewable energy in the infrastructural system of the electricity market #113 Increasing the Role of Hydro and Pumped Storage Power Plants in Energy Systems Operation Management #118 A multi-criteria approach to decision-making on choosing the optimal strategy for implementing the energy-saving potential at Ukrainian dairies [/spoiler] [/restrict]